Richard Welsh

Developer and designer

Multi-trial database and web application for adminstration of clinical trials2013–present
Working for the NPEU, I have designed and implemented both the front- and and back-end of this database and web application to aid with the administration of the unit’s concurrently running clinical trials. TADA is delivered as a collection of independent, but closely related web applications, one for each trial.
The implementation includes a custom-built data access layer at the SQL Server level. This allows each trial’s web application controlled access to both trial-specific data and shared data, merged from seperate databases to form a single, trial-specific view of the data. Encryption of all sensitive and personal data is also handled at this level.
The web applications each feature on-the-fly generation of PDF reports and mail-merge letters, charts and data visualisations built using D3, and interactive audit log display. I have also developed a proprietary mini-expression-syntax which will allow trial managers to extract and join both clinical and non-clinical data with single, custom queries.œ

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