Richard Welsh

Developer and designer

Rear-mounted Raspberry Pi 3, in Pibow case, using display's USB as power sourcePartially concealed PIR detector, connected to Pi’s GPIO interface, senses my presence near the screenNative desktop app built using Electron, refreshes information (rendered in HTML and SVG) on demand. Information is gathered from various online sources and transformed to fit display panel ‘modules’Reclaimed flat-panel display
Personal information screen2015–present
As an ongoing project, I have built a personal information screen in my hallway which keeps me up-to-date with the latest weather forecast, calendar appointments, incoming messages and other personal items of interest. My aim is to gradually add more information panel ‘modules’ to the display which will be fed by any API that I can get my hands on.
The ‘Hallway Computer’, or ‘Hal’ for short, is actually a Raspberry Pi 3 running Debian and a desktop application that I have built using Electron. The application displays a page served by the same server as this site, and manages power and information updates according to my presence in front of the screen as detected by the PIR sensor. This management helps to keep power usage and nework traffic to a minimum.œ
Made with: Node.js Git Electron Raspberry Pi

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